The Best Way to Protect and Heal Inner Thigh Chafing

Most of us have experienced inner thigh chafing to some degree. If you are the small percent of the population who has been spared this unpleasantry, you may still want to pay attention. If chub rub hasn’t indecently exposed himself to you yet, there is a good chance, with age, he will. Now if you’re like the majority of humans, the symptoms of inner thigh chafing come in this order:

Stage 1: The Tugs

Slight discomfort on the inner thighs but manageable. A couple awkward hip movements, knee bends and subtle tugs on your boxers provides you temporary relief.

Stage 2: The Waddle

At some point this slight discomfort transforms into a steady burning sensation, waddling becomes more apparent. You begin to lose the ability to care that you are generating massive amounts of socially awkward energy and quickly degrade to your more primitive self, pulling manically at your crotch to spare yourself this pain.

Stage 3: Where the hell is the lotion

lotion helpUnless you are a Navy Seal or have a genetic anomaly that prevents you from feeling pain, you probably won’t make it past the final stage of symptoms, the deep burn. Here it feels like a leprechaun, double fisting cheese graters, has latched on to your crotch and decided to go full Gordon Ramsey on your thigh meat. Let’s look at what causes inner thigh chafing, how to fix it, and what can you do to prevent it.

What Causes Inner Thigh Chafing?

Friction. That is the name of the game when it comes to chafing. It’s that simple. You don’t need a PhD or a super computer to figure this one out. Friction is the perpetrator of the chafe, case closed. If friction is causing your chafing, what factors increase friction? Now we are getting somewhere. The primary factors that are affecting your friction levels are:

  • Moisture
  • Clothing

Again, not too complicated. Let’s first briefly discuss clothing then we will talk about moisture in greater detail.


Loose clothing is a sure-fire way to add additional friction to your gait and increase your chances of chafing. Clothing Pro-Tip: Hey Rocky! Leave the baggy sweat pants in the locker and get some shorts and pants that properly adhere to your thighs. Dido for the boxer-briefs, briefs or whatever you keep your giblets wrapped up in.

stylish manNow let me be clear, it’s not just loose-fitting clothing that can be a problem. Materials that are too tight can also pose an issue. I know it seems contradictory but follow me down the rabbit hole. When working out you need a material that fits your frame limiting friction. When spending all day at work your tight jeans can pinch and ride in the wrong areas also leading to increased friction and chafing. So, the lesson here is when active make sure to have friction free contact points with comfortable material, and when doing your normal 9-5 wear clothes that fit your frame and reduce the amount of friction near your thighs.


Even if you follow the clothing guidelines to a tee, you will still experience inner thigh chafing at some point. Before you throw your phone in rage screaming, “why did I waste my time reading the clothing guidelines?” know that proper clothing is the minor factor that will help with your inner thigh chafing. Even though its minor it will still make a significant difference in your friction levels. That being said, moisture is the major factor that increases friction and leads to cheese grated thighs.You must be properly informed regarding moisture control in order to truly rid yourself of this problem.The formula for chafing is as follows:

Friction + Moisture = Chafing

Moisture in the inner thighs is primarily caused by excess sweat, unless you are peeing your pants on the reg (and no, it ain’t cool if you are). In addition to the added friction, some sweat will evaporate leaving behind salts. These salts can build up on the surface of your inner thighs and clothes, causing additional friction. When your thighs get raw, these added salts amplify the burning sensation. It should not be a shock that chafing isn’t limited to the inner thighs but to all areas where there are skin on skin or skin on fabric contact points and excess moisture (groin, glutes, etc).

Now, let’s go over the top 5 ways to combat moisture and prevent chafing:

1. Increase Your Fluid Intake 

Drinking adequate fluids helps you stay hydrated and lowers the salt concentration in your sweat. This can delay or at least diminish salt build up and lower friction during exercise. Promoting yourself to stay hydrated also increases the efficiency of your body’s circulatory allowing for your liver and kidneys to properly flush toxins from your system limiting the concentration of potentially harmful toxins and excreting them from your system.


2. Wash Yourself

Making sure your problem areas are cleaned will limit salt, dust, and bacterial build up. This will decrease excessive sweat and friction, as well as keep your balls from smelling ripe.Using general purpose shampoo is often a poor cleaning agent for your man bits because they are either not designed to clean those sensitive areas or they are made up a variety of synthetic chemicals that shouldn’t be used by your sperm barracks.

Which is why natural men’s products like Chassis’ Shower Primer are ideal for cleaning your man bits and preventing salt and bacterial build up. This 5-in-1 Shower Primer uses a variety of all-natural products like witch hazel, pumpkin seed, hops extract, oatmeal extract and aloe extract.

For best results apply the Shower Primer and leave in for at least 30 seconds before rinsing. This will maximize the Chassis Shower Primer’s ability to:

  • Deep Clean
  • Eliminate Odor
  • Moisturize Skin
  • Soften Body Hair
  • Reduce Friction

3. Keep It Dry

Remember moisture is your enemy, so the drier the better (this advice only applies to your chaffing). Traditional talcum-based powders have recently raised some levels of health concern, and there has been an increased demand for no risk powders made from natural ingredients.

The Chassis Premium Powder utilizes hydro-shield technology to eliminate moisture, fight odor, and reduce chafing. Best of all, it is talc free! The natural ingredients of Chassis’ Premium Powder blends baking soda, hops, pumpkin seed, and oatmeal extracts to bring men a revolutionary body powder. Chassis carries scented and unscented powders that are designed to deliver a subtle cooling sensation that can last over an hour.

4. Moisturize

If you do experience inner thigh chafing, make sure to apply adequate amounts of moisturizer to heal the dry and damaged skin. This will make your recovery time shorter and limit the amount of future pain when you must get back on the move.

In the event that you forgot to put on Chassis Premium Powder and your inner thigh chafing is already underway, try Chassis Restoration Cream . It contains all-natural ingredients and zero talc, aluminum, parabens, or menthol. The Restoration Cream delivers powerful relief and all-day protection from chafing. Ideal after a long day of movement or before your workday starts, Chassis Restoration Cream provides the instant relief necessary to bring you out of stage 2 and 3 inner thigh chafing.

5. Other Factors

Other factors that could increase thigh chafing are hot environments, sensitive skin, and environmental irritants like sand and dust. Previous skin irritation will also increase your risk for further problems, which is why moisturizing immediately after you have cleaned the area is a safe bet. Leaving these irritations untreated can lead to raw and bleeding skin that is susceptible to yeast and fungal infections.

Bottom Line

If you are constantly battling inner thigh chafing, you need to get rid of the sweat and grime around your jock and utilize moisturizing creams and powders to keep you dry, clean and smooth. Our recommended Chassis routine has been optimized to combine the best relief and prevention of inner thigh chafing. 

Step 1: Wake up and wash yourself with the 5-in-1 Shower Primer, leave on for at least 30 seconds and rinse.

Step 2: Dry off any excess water post shower near your inner thighs and apply Premium Powder. What is nice about Chassis Premium Powder is that a little goes a long way. So, don’t feel the need to empty half the bottle, try a couple dabs first until you get the right level of coverage.

Step 3: In the event that you forget step 1 and 2, and your next run turns your thighs into tuna tartar, apply a thin layer of Restoration Cream to heal chafing fast.