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For generations, men have battled sweat, odor and general nastiness. A few generations ago, brave chemists devised products to assist with underarm odor and sweat. Unfortunately, the only products available for "down there" were repurposed baby powders or medicated powders. Sure, they helped a little, until they turned into a sticky mess, but they also contained questionable ingredients and made you smell like a newborn or old man. Chassis was developed by four brothers raised in a blue-collar town who were looking for something better. Something that was long-lasting and smelled great. Something that was safe. And something that addressed all of the issues men encounter down there.


It started out pretty rocky. Most personal care companies create derivative products. They start with an existing formula, such as baby powder or medicated powder, and then tweak it slightly. This approach didn't hack it. After firing three different chemists, the team finally found and hired the ideal chemist, John. As a normal, athletic and sweaty guy, John immediately embraced the team's vision and began developing what would become Chassis. It's an entirely new take on men's powder. Featuring the industry exclusive Hydro-Shield technology, Chassis stays working all day long, even after excess perspiration.

Early test groups in the Florida heat confirmed that Chassis was going to be a hit. (And thousands of satisfied customers have since made Chassis one of the best-selling powders in the world.) There was only one question: What if the world's best powder wasn't enough?

As good as Chassis powder is, testing uncovered opportunities for further advancement in man care for down there. Research showed that many men had discovered shampoo and hair conditioner as awesome hacks to soften body hair down there. They've also adapted by re-purposing body oils and other products to reduce friction. All of these efforts were done to prevent the horror known as monkey butt, swamp balls, bat wings, and, well, you get it. From here the idea for the Chassis 5-in-1 Shower Primer was born. By deep cleaning, destroying odor, moisturizing skin, softening body hair and reducing friction, this product is the ultimate way to start your day.

But sometimes, no matter what happens, life gets extreme. A 12-hour work day. White-water rafting. 18 holes of golf. No matter how good a powder might be, men sometimes need additional protection. So whether it's used for prevention or relief, the innovative Chassis Restoration Cream is the answer.

After four long years of research and testing, the three original formulas were finally perfected. Independent dermatologists verified their safety and stability. The custom packaging was optimized for ease-of-use. And finally, it was ready for market introduction. In the years since, our loyal customers have made Chassis the #1 selling premium powder for men.

As the first complete line of premium products to fight sweat, odor and chafing, Chassis has forever changed Man Care for Down There. And with the recent introductions of Unscented Premium Powder and Premium Powder Ice, Chassis is committed to a long-term vision of providing the best possible products without compromise. Still not convinced? Take advantage of the unbeatable Chassis 30-Day Comfort Guarantee and discover for yourself why so many guys start their day with Chassis.