Why Cooling Action in a Body Powder Can Help with Chafing

You've decided to hit the gym for a run on the treadmill, or maybe you’re out with the guys playing 18 holes of golf. Either way, you’re moving around and you're legs are sweating badly. You start to notice an itch between your thighs, but you ignore it, and you continue. Suddenly, that itch has evolved into a monstrous burning sensation, and moving any more seems like torture.

Or, you are hanging out with your buddies on a beautiful warm day. You’ve been on your feet all day in your fanciest clothes. You feel the same burning irritation between your thighs, and you badly need a to take a break and sit down to get some fresh air up there. Unfortunately, your plummeting self-confidence stops you from voicing your thoughts to your friends. The stress makes you start sweating, which is only adding fuel to the fire, and you suffer in silence until it’s all over. 

man chafing treadmill

If this sounded like an even slightly familiar situation to you, then you have experienced chafing. Chafing can be extremely painful because of the irritation and burning it comes with. Chafing also goes by the name of a rash or chub rub.

A Brief Understanding of Chafing

Chafing is quite common among gym enthusiasts, construction workers, or overweight folks. It occurs in the areas of your body that rub against each other. The friction can also be a result of a clothing item rubbing against your skin continuously for several minutes or hours. While it can happen anywhere on the body, the commonly affected areas include chest, underarms, thighs, groin, buttocks, and feet.


Aside from the apparent friction, heat, and humid environment, there are other reasons for chafing. These include but are not limited to:

  • Sweating or moisture
  • Having bulky thigh muscles or being overweight
  • Exercising, walking, running, cycling, or sitting crossed leg for a long time
  • Hair removal and shaving
  • Wearing wet clothes, like a bathing suit, for a long time
  • Wearing poorly fitted clothing, thin legging, tight skirts or undergarments
  • Wearing rough, stiff or heavy clothes


Chafing friction, coupled with sweating or moisture, makes things worse. It primarily damages the skin. It leads to inflammation and irritation. There are other indicators of chafing. These include experiencing itching, burning, swelling, rashes, pain, redness or hyperpigmentation, blisters, boils, etc. It happens most commonly during spring or summer when it’s hot or humid outside.


Lubrication is one of the most effective ways to deal with chafed skin. Using creams, lotions, or ointments on chafed skin can ease the pain. Apply it on the affected area and let it air dry. This method is ideal when you’re relaxing at home but not so great when you’re outside or in public.

Imagine being on your feet all day, finishing that important presentation you have to deliver in an hour. You worked hard for it, but now you’re feeling painful burn between your thighs. The nervousness is making you sweat, and the sensation is only worsening. Luckily, you have that cream with you that you always use at home. A trip to the restroom, and you’re feeling much better. But now you have grease spots on your pants in addition to the sweat while standing in the conference room with an awkward smell coming off you.

There are better solutions to this problem - solutions that are work quickly. The fastest and easiest remedy for chafing is by using body powder to keep yourself cool and dry.

Let’s look at what could have gone differently.

You notice the burning, and you reach in your drawer to take out the body powder that you keep in your desk draw for times like this. So, you take it out and go to the restroom. The powder soothes the affected area by absorbing sweat. Furthermore, you smell fresh and pleasant. Now, your mind is free from this worry, and you can remain confident and focused on that critical presentation you were working on, ready to blow those executives away.


men's body powder

Instant Relief

It should be clear now that wet skin is prone to chafing. The first preventive solution is to keep yourself dry and cool. According to Dr. Marie Jhin, Dermatologist of San Francisco, in chafing, most people prefer to keep themselves fresh and dry.

Quickest Solution: Body Powders

Although it is always good to carry essentials with you, you don’t need to take body powder with you everywhere. You can apply a premium body powder when getting ready in the morning. Even better, find a body powder that has a cooling power specially designed to help with chafing.

What Body Powder Does For Chafing?

These powders create a barrier between the skin and clothing by preventing friction. You can apply them directly to areas that are affected by sweat the most.

Body powders absorb moisture as well as soothe and cool your body. They keep the sweaty odor at bay. Moreover, they keep you smelling fresh through even the toughest and longest days. Chassis Premium Powder is available with varying levels of cooling action, but always with a fresh masculine scent.

It’s such a simple step that when you incorporate it into your daily routine, you can save yourself from a world of pain. You’ll be thanking us for the refreshing feeling and for not dripping sweat and staying chafe-free all day.

American Academy of Dermatology’s spokeswoman, Dr. Lauren Ploch, advised her patients to use powder for chafing. She also said that powder could clump off and turn out to be the very source of chafing. However, Chassis Premium Powder features an exclusive Hydro-Shield Technology that repels moisture off your body and keeps the powder in its natural form.

Which One to Choose

body powder for menThe best choice of body powder for men, would be the one detailing its ingredients. Choose gentle ingredients, like provitamin B5, aloe vera, and pumpkin seed extract in the components. Chassis is specially formulated with a proprietary Power Extract Blend featuring natural extracts and nutrient-rich botanicals. In short, avoid harsh or irritating powders since you would be using it on sensitive skin. Some premium powders even have cooling actions to help reduce the irritation from chafing.

Why Cooling Agents Can Help with Chafing

As mentioned above, some powders use vitamins, aloe vera, and pumpkin seed extract oils in them to keep a barrier between the skin and clothes. These powders are made especially for active people to keep their bodies cool, dry, and refreshed.

Apart from these natural ingredients, some powders even incorporate cooling agents in their body powder. The cooling effect can last between 30 minutes and all the way up to two hours depending on what ingredient is used and how much. It is possible to achieve a cooling sensation by adding different ingredients like menthol and Menthyl Lactate. However, high-quality powders like Chassis, choose to formulate with Menthyl Lactate because there is no unpleasant medicinal smell. Furthermore, it is gentle on the skin, and there is very little burning sensation, unlike menthol, which can lead to uncomfortably burning.

Looking for an intense cooling? Limited Edition Ice Max delivers 10 times the cooling action to awaken your senses. It’s possible to get up to two hours of cooling action by shaking the Ice Max bottle before application. Best of all, it features the same fresh, masculine scent of Chassis Original Premium Powder.

Other Solutions That Work 

  1. Wear breathable clothes but avoid moisture-absorbent clothes, especially when you are working out. Do not exercise while wearing cotton because it can cause friction and chafe.
  2. Avoid sitting cross-legged for a long time. It prevents inner thighs from collecting moisture and heating up.
  3. Use deodorants in areas where you sweat a lot. They can help you sweat less.
  4. Avoid wearing clothes that irritate your skin.
  5. Moisturize your skin with chafing creams, shea butter, body lotions, or ointments. It provides relief to the irritated skin.
  6. Avoid using any lubricant that absorbs too quickly or makes your skin stickier.
  7. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Dehydration produces more salt and less water in your sweat, which in turn irritates your body.

When to Seek Medical Help

Even with all the prevention in the world, some cases do get worse. In a situation like that, we highly recommend visiting a dermatologist. If you are not sure when to start seeking medical help, check for blistered or bleeding skin, intense swelling, change of skin color in creases, or if your skin is not healing. Don’t ignore a skin infection; visiting the doctor is the best course of action.

Now you know all that you need know to get rid of chafing and the irritation that arises from it. It’s best to use a premium body powder with cooling action when the main cause of chafing on your body is from excessive moisture.